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Steve Ostafichuk, co-founder of a small Canadian non-profit organization @DETY.Project discusses how they assist Ukrainian children who have become victims of Russian war crimes and how they are building a network of like-minded individuals around them.

The Idea of DE TY Project is to draw attention to war crimes against children, to remind the World that the war in Ukraine is still happening, and to show international solidarity with the children living through wars around the World. About DE TY Project’s name – On Wednesday, March 16, 2022 russian strike the Mariupol Drama Theatre. Ukrainian residents of Mariupol had been using the building as a civilian bomb shelter and had attempted to protect their children and their mothers by writing out the russian word “ДЕТИ”, meaning “KIDS,” in huge block letters in front of and behind the theatre. But russia bombed it anyway. According to the Associated Press, 600 souls lost their lives in this brazen and horrific war crime.